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Jessica Peterson, DO

Jessica C. Peterson, DO is a board-certified psychiatrist and the Medical Director of UF Health Leesburg Hospital Senior Behavioral Health Center. The Center provides a therapeutic and safe environment for individuals in need of acute psychiatric care. It is a voluntary unit, which means that patients have made a decision to seek treatment and are willing to accept and engage in treatment. Patients are often self-admitted, referred by local hospitals, emergency rooms, or outpatient providers.

Dr. Peterson is specially trained in Osteopathic Medicine, utilizing a whole-body approach to assessing and treating patients. She treats patients with serious depression, schizophrenia, bipolar and various personality disorders, and most mental health concerns.

As a dedicated behavioral health practitioner, Dr. Peterson is passionate about connecting with patients in ways they did not think were possible. She works to create an
environment where each patient feels comfortable enough to engage in their own recovery. She wants to erase the stigma surrounding mental health.

"People need to know if they are struggling, there is absolutely no shame in seeking treatment.”